Corporate Social Responsibilities

"Action Eva stands above its competitors by taking care of society at large. We ensure healthy surroundings. We strive to uplift the weaker section of the society. All our manufacturing units are environmentally friendly and do not cause any harm to the public."

We are a well-recognized brand across the nation. Action Footwear has earned the faith and trust of millions of people in many aspects. Moreover, we are actively engaged in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) in order to contribute towards the development of the weaker section of society. Apart from this, we also encourage various activities which demonstrate our caring attitude and public philanthropy. Furthermore, we at Action strives for the success of the Make in India initiative to a very large extent and have set our unique benchmarks. Our whole team engage themselves in the public welfare by hosting events such as the distribution of clothes, food and other utilities for the poor and women, and we look forward to continue our efforts for uplifting the underprivileged and downtrodden section of the society.

Krish is a 11th Grade student of the Doon School. He is interested in Political Science and Economics and is a member of the Economics Society at Doon. Outside his classes, he has a passion for social service, which he combines with his entrepreneurial instinct to develop novel business models for the social sector in India. During his internship at the CSR department of Action Shoes, he came up with the idea of the SOLVE project.

The SOLVE (Social Lab Ventures) Project aims to tackle “shoelessness” in India. Partnering with ACTION SHOES, Krish began implementing the idea in the National Capital Region (NCR), with a goal is to make sure that no person walks barefoot in the region. The Project has earned critical acclaim from the media and other spokespeople and has been welcomed with open arms by one and all.

Shoes Distribution in Dehradun Village

Donation in Kerala - Flood Relief

Solve Pledge

Tiffin Box Distribution To The Labours

Clothes & Food Distribution At Apna Ghar Ashram

Food Distribution To Mentally Disturbed Women