About Action Eva Flotter

We are a worldwide leading brand offering best casual footwear for men, women and kids. Over the years, we have been delivering the niche products to our customers. This is the reason why millions of people continue to choose Action to move forward. Quality is our primary concern and we ensure that the products we make meet our customer's expectations.

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Eva Flotter - A Brand

Products for Men, Women & Kids.

We offer diverse range of relaxed and multicolored slippers for men, women and kids which are not only well designed but are very comfortable having a great sole. Our products make you feel comfortable in every season and at every place. The products delivered by us ensure your good health too.

Stylish | Comfortable | Flexible | Good for Health
We never compromise with the quality and hence it is the primary base of our products. We ensure that the products we make exceed our customer's expectations.

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